Why, its you, of course!

Don’t take it too personally, so are the fixtures and the towels and the furniture and the walls.

Infrared heaters work in the same way as the sun, supplying radiant heat that travels through space and straight to people and objects.

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Harness the power of radiation to directly heat people and objects within a room

Because infrared works in this way, you lose less heat than you would with a typical convection system. Additionally, infrared heaters warm a room faster than convection units, and the objects within the room retain their heat, releasing it slowly, making it more efficient.

The drying benefits of infrared panels

Infrared heaters provide a type of heat that fights away any damp spots in your home or office.

The reason that dampness is difficult to remove of is that it is held within the walls. Since infrared heating works by warming objects, including walls, it helps combat internal dampness.

Simply include the damp area in the sight-line of the infrared panel and let the radiant heat dry your walls from the inside-out.

Other benefits of the infrared panel

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