Smartflower +Plus

Smart solar energy with integrated battery storage.

With an integrated battery storage system, Smartflower plus lets you store clean solar energy for when you need it most.

Generate. Store. Use.

Whether you’re on or off the grid, Smartflower plus’ intelligent features generate solar energy more efficiently, while allowing you to store excess energy for later use. That means that during peak demand times, or even when the power is out, your Smartflower plus will continue to provide clean energy.


Have the comfort of battery storage to optimize grid use or in case of a power outage.

Off-grid / Hybrid

Stay connected to the grid or disconnect, thanks to the battery storage capacity.

Smartflower at a glance

Energy Output
Nominal output 2.50kWp*
Annual output 3,800-6,200kWh/a**
Self-consumption ~<100 kWh/year
Temperature Range -4° F — 122° F
Wind speed before automatically entering position 1 or 2 1 : >32 miles per hour
2 : >39 miles per hour
Available Colours