About the Smartflower Solar System


A fully integrated, plug-and-play solar system that powers your life with clean energy.

Smartflower is a revolutionary solar energy system that follows the sun from sunrise to sunset. Beneath its elegant design is a remarkably intelligent system; fully integrated with smart features that produces up to 40% more power. There’s no better way to showcase your commitment to sustainability than with a Smartflower.

Smartflower + Plus

Generate and store power whether you’re on or off grid with integrated battery storage system.

Generating and storing clean solar energy is now easier than ever with Smartflower +Plus. Store your clean solar energy reliably with our integrated battery storage system. Whether you’re on or off the grid, Smartflower +Plus provides an easy installation with greater peace of mind.

40% more efficient than traditional solar

Smartflower’s intelligent tracking system overcomes major limitations of traditional solar.