Beautifully Designed.

No more unsightly black panels on your roof. Smartflower’s design is inspired by nature, with an appealing, dynamic design that lives in harmony with its surroundings.

With eight colors to choose from, ranging from contemporary shades to classic hues, and the beautiful curves of the base and panels, Smartflower is an elegant statement of your commitment to sustainability.

Beneath its elegant design is a remarkably intelligent system fully integrated with smart features that make smartflower up to 40% more efficient in energy production.

Energy Output
Nominal output 2.50kWp*
Annual output 3,800-6,200kWh/a**
Self-consumption ~
Temperature Range -4° F — 122° F
Wind speed before automatically entering position 1 or 2 1 : >32 miles per hour
2 : >39 miles per hour
Available Colours