Power anything that you’d normally plug into a wall socket; microwaves, air conditioners, televisions, personal devices and electronics, power tools, technical equipment, even emergency vehicle start-ups.

Full power portable battery back-up

Mini 2500 Brochure

NRG Powerbox Mini is a new generation backup battery pack. A long cycle lithium-ion battery surrounded with a high strength aluminum body. Safe, Simple and Reliable power, anytime! Easily charge via standard wall plug at home (110V or 220V) or via solar, on-the-go. This unit is smaller than most coolers and runs completely silent. No AC curfews for RV use. No loud generators for mobile construction and motorsport teams. No harmful emissions. No maintenance or running cost.

Powerbox 2500 Features

Powerbox 2500 Specifications

LiFePO4 battery: 38.4V / 65.5Ah 2515Wh
Adapter input: 48Vdc:-::6.25A 300W (Supports simultaneous charging of solar panels)
Solar panel input: 45 ~ 80Vdc 6.26A 500W (MAX)
USB Output: x 3 ports 5Vdc:-::3.0A 15W
DC 12V Output: x 4 ports 12Vdc:-::10A 120W
AC Output: 110V or 220V 50Hz / 60Hz (switchable)
Continuous output power: continuous output 2000W
Surge power: 4000 Watt (few seconds)
LiFePO4 Battery cycle times: 6000 times (capacity greater than or equal to 80%)
Working environment temperature: -10°C ~ 50°C / 14 °F ~ 122°F

Powerbox Mini 2500

High-capacity, long-life, lithium iron phosphate battery, with no rare or heavy metals.

It supports fast-charging and operates within a wide temperature range.

Powerbox Mini 2500 Battery